Number Hunt

February has been a busy month for us in the Infant classroom. We have been learning about so many new things. We spent the last few weeks working on our numbers in Math and last Friday we got to do a Number Hunt around the school- It was great fun!

Art in the Infant Room

Junior and Senior Infants have been very busy the last few weeks, learning about lots of new things with Ms Furlong… But we think that Art has been the most fun. From making African sunsets with animal silhouettes, to using the pointillism technique on African animals...

Christmas Plays

Junior Infants, Senior Infants, First Class and Second Class worked incredibly hard to put on a great show for all the parents. Junior and Senior Infants performed, ‘Born in a Barn’. First and Second Class performed, ‘Santa is Sick’. It was a...

Planting Bulbs

Our flower beds got a makeover this month. Juniors, Seniors and First class planted bulbs in front of the school assisted by Bridget Sandle and Catherine, thank you both for your help. We can’t wait to see them bloom in Spring. Watch this space.