Ms. Dunne

her classes

First, Second and Third Classes

Run Around the World!

The middle room have been running all term and we are finally done! I am happy to announce that the middle room have ran a total of 540km. We ran to Malin Head in Donegal which was 470km away. We decided with our extra 70km, that we would run for ice-cream. 🙂 The...

Easter Egg Hunt

The children in the middle room were very active just before Easter. They were all very excited to get moving and find their Easter eggs. They were on the hunt for chocolate and nothing could stop them moving. Great fun for all involved. Many thanks to Catherine for...

Jerusalema Dance

Great photo of all the children in position! (Taken from drone) The children worked extremely hard on the Jerusalema dance. All the children in the middle room and a number of students from Ms. Power's room have put together a wonderful video for everyone. We are all...

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