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Special Education Class

4th Class Maths

4th Class conducted a survey last week on preferred sports in each class in our school. The children were given the following options: GAA, soccer, swimming, horse riding & basketball.  Swimming was the favourite sport by far in the Junior room where as soccer was...

The Giggler Treatment

3rd class are thoroughly enjoying our class novel The Giggler treatment This is a gloriously silly comedy from Booker prize winner and bestseller Roddy Doyle. If adults are mean to children, they get the Giggler Treatment. It's smelly. It's squishy. And it sticks to...


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XXvHYKFcveU 3rd & 4th Class are learning their 6 times tables this week. Some children like to use rhyme to help them recall their tables.

Run Around Ireland Challenge

Our school has committed to the 4-week ‘Run Around IRELAND’ challenge. It is a great way for pupils to learn about Ireland’s most famous landmarks, and to bring learning outdoors.It supports the Athletics strand of the PE curriculum and gives pupils the opportunity to...

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